Games during this session will be held at the UNK Health & Sports Center. The courts at UNK are labeled UN (North Court), UM (Middle Court) and US (South Court) and UH (HPER Gym). UN, UM, US are all in the main arena, the UH court is across the hall from the entrance to the arena and at Axtell High School. For Axtell High School – From Kearney, go 13 miles south on Hwy 44 and then go west 2 miles on US Hwy 6/34 to Axtell. School address is 500 North Main St.

•At UNK, please park on the west side of the arena or in the large parking lot on the west side of 17th Ave. Entrance to the Health & Sports Center is on the west side, near the Athleta Statue.

•Please be at your game-site ready to play 20 minutes early throughout the weekend. Please ask your players to advise parents who are coming to watch the games that we will run ahead of schedule. We may start up to 20 minutes early.

•Remember the following game rules:

1. Games will be made up of four 8-minute stop clock quarters.
2. Halftime will be 3-5 minutes (discretion of staff and officials).
3. Two full time-outs per half (use them or lose them) and one 30 second time-out that can be used in either half.
4. Overtime will be 2 minutes, each team gets one full time-out.
5. No bonus free throws will be shot during the first half. Teams will go into the bonus on the 7th team foul of the second half. No two-shot bonus on the tenth team foul in either half.
6. In the spirit of maintaining good sportsmanship, any game in which the point margin between the two teams reaches 25 points in the second half, the clock will stop for no reason other than a time-out.