Team / Player Profile Entry

Welcome to the Mr. Basketball, Inc., Online Information System.

Please use the Username and Password you received via email to login and click continue.

Once logged in, please complete the following steps:

1. Click on “EDIT TEAM INFO” and fill in required Information. Be sure to click “Save Team” when done.

2. Click on “NEW PLAYER” and enter information for each individual player, clicking “Submit” form when done with each. Please provide as MUCH information as you can. The amount of information available reflects directly on your program/team.
*Players ARE able to be edited this year.  However, please be as accurate as possible during first entry. You will receive an email reminder in regards as to when rosters will be locked.

3. Click on “View Team & Roster” and verify that all information looks correct!

4. Don’t forget that the “WAIVER & RELEASE OF LIABILITY” forms for each player MUST be turned in at the event or scanned and emailed to us. If Emailing, please scan all of them together and send as a TEAM, not one by one.

**NOTE: We are currently experiencing difficulties with browser SAFARI. Please use either Firefox of Chrome as your browser**

If you have any questions during the process please contact us here for support.