Kearney Snow Jam

The Kearney Basketball Club and Mr. Basketball, Inc., welcomes you to the 26th Annual Kearney Snow Jam!

Below you will find each of the brackets (one packet for boys, one for girls). Carefully locate your team and note the game times and sites. All teams will play three games.

BOYS RESULTS/SCHEDULES: 2019 Snow Jam Boys Results

GIRLS  RESULTS/SCHEDULES: 2019 Snow Jam Girls Results

COACHES PASSES: Coaches must check-in upon arrival to pickup their wristband at the admission’s table at the site of their first game. Our staff will put a wristband on you that will be your admission to the gym each day. These will only be available at the site of the first game you will be coaching. Do not remove the wristband until you have completed your final game. Altered or removed wristbands will not be honored. A limit of two coaches per team will be provided a wristband, any additional coaches must pay the daily admission.

SCHEDULES: We may run ahead of schedule on some courts. For this reason, we expect all teams to be at their game site, ready to play, 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time. Games will not start more than 30 minutes early, but a lot of times they will start 5-25 minutes early, especially late in the day. Please make sure that your parents, grandparents or any others coming to watch you are aware of this.

US – UNK Health & Sports Center Main Arena South Court (SUNDAY ONLY)
UM – UNK Health & Sports Center Main Arena Middle Court (SUNDAY ONLY)
UN – UNK Health & Sports Center Main Arena North Court (SUNDAY ONLY)
KCCC1 – Kearney Catholic High School Cope Coliseum Court 1(new addition on east end)
KCCC2 – Kearney Catholic High School Cope Coliseum Court 2(new addition on east end)
KCM – Kearney Catholic High School Main Gym (old varsity gym on west end)
KCMP – Kearney Catholic High School Multi-Purpose Gym (west end)
KHS 1 – Kearney High School Main Gym Court 1
KHS 2 – Kearney High School Main Gym Court 2
KHS 3 – Kearney High School Auxiliary Gym
AXM – Axtell High School Main Gym
AXN – Axtell High School New Gym
SE – Sunrise Middle School East Court (SATURDAY ONLY)
SW – Sunrise Middle School West Court (SATURDAY ONLY)

ADMISSION: Admission is $7 for adults and $4 for youth in kindergarten thru 8th grade. This admits them to all school sites for all games during the day. There are no single game tickets.

PLEASE NOTE: At Kearney High School entry is only available via the Activities Entrance on the WEST SIDE. Park accordingly. Also, there is no physical seating for Kearney High School Courts 1 & 2. There is room above and fans CAN bring in their own bag chair. Please Share this information with grandparents other family and friends attending the tournament.

OTHER NOTES: Clock operators will be provided for all games. The top team in the bracket (or first team listed on the shootout schedule) must provide one person to sit at the table and assist with the scorebook. If one team has a regular bookkeeper, that person can be the official scorer and keep the score in their book, but we ask that they sit next to the clock operator at the table.

We have a very experienced crew of officials working the Snow Jam, including jv and varsity officials from across the state! Please remind your players and parents that players will miss shots, make bad passes, etc., just as officials may miss a call here or there, but they are more than qualified to officiate the youth games and will do their best to make this an enjoyable experience for your team. Inappropriate behavior by coaches, players or fans WILL NOT be allowed and may result in expulsion from the tournament for the individual and/or team. Please thank these people for making their experience available to our youth!

Best of luck to your team and thank you for competing in the Kearney Snow Jam!